Singer/Songwriter from Bristol, UK

that’s so quiche
August 28th 14 · 0 notes dull cities

this cold amour that hangs so slight
but dulceties light up at night

August 26th 14 · 4 notes
just me singing with my eye
got dat merch 🎸
lonerschangetheworld: your voice is great!your covers are perfect! Id love to listen to you live. Do you have any gigs coming up? -Ana :)

thanks so much! yeah, that’d be sweet :) I put all my upcoming gigs on - - so have a look on there and take your pick haha

August 18th 14 · 0 notes
August 13th 14 · 4 notes
people that are going to Green Man Festival this weekend — I am playing on the green cloud stage in the ‘somewhere’ area at 7pm on Friday. so make sure you come see me and have a chat, else I’ll be deeply disappointed..
sunrise in palma #partayy